“One Hell of a Good Time” at Miles City’s Town & Country Club

My story in Miles City begins in the lounge at the Town & Country Club. After wandering into town and finding where I was staying I decided to mosey on over to check out the golf course.

I followed the hooting and hollering of what could only be a bunch of golfers fresh off their league night down the hallway and found my way to the lounge. The lounge at the clubhouse is the heartbeat of the golf course. More than half the crowd at the lounge was gathered around the round dining tables with lounge chairs watching the basketball game on the tv hanging on the wall.

Drinking my beer and watching the basketball game, I was perfectly content for a quiet first night in Miles City. That did not happen.

I ran into my playing partner for today’s round, Chase Tait who was fresh off finishing up his league match and was sitting with some of his buddies at a table. They invited me to join them, so I pulled up a chair and introduced myself.

Fast forward to a couple of hours later when the rest of the bar had cleared out and there was still a half a dozen of us sitting around that same table laughing and telling old golf stories with each one being better than the last. There were stories about playing in tournaments in Miles City like the member-guest, stories about the characters who play golf at the Town & Country Club, and stories I wish I would’ve written down.

Jeff Bush dubbed himself my social host while in Miles City while ordering another round promised, “You might not play great golf here with all of these cottonwood trees, but you’re going to have a hell of a good time.”

And he wasn’t lying.

The next morning the group Chase had rounded up for my first trip around Miles City’s golf course found themselves on the first tee with a few members still feeling the effects of the “hell of a good time” we had the night before.

In the group was Chase, Jim Zimmerman, Stacie Klippenstein, Jeff Bush and myself. Jeff had originally passed on playing with the group but had to call Chase after we were a couple of rounds into the evening last night and invite himself because we were having so much fun.

The fun continued during the round as I was walking along one of the best nine-hole courses in the state for the first time. The first hole at the Town & Country Club is a 360-yard par 4 that immediately confirms that you’ll be having to work shots around cottonwood trees all day long. Midway down the fairway on the right-hand side is a towering cottonwood with long limbs that stretch over the fairway that can eat up a tee shot that isn’t played up the left of the fairway. The first green at Miles City it protected by a pair of bunkers on the right front of the putting surface and features some subtle breaks that make for exciting putts to begin the round.

The second hole plays as a long par 4 on the front nine before becoming a par 5 on the back. It measures in at 435-yards through a narrow corridor of tall cottonwoods that jut out and force you get creative with your second shot into the back-to-front sloping green.

My favorite hole on the course was the 135-yard par 3 third hole that plays over a beautiful lake with a fountain that sprays water high into the air. A simple short-iron is all that is required on this treasure of a golf hole that leaves little room for error with a bunker on the left side of the green. The green itself is a dangerous one with a shelf that runs a few paces from the front of the putting surface that can leave you walking back for your wedge if you’re not careful and get too frisky with your birdie attempt.

As we continued our trek around the Town & Country Club and the money match we were playing was getting more and more unfavorable for myself I was still having a ball of a time. When we sat in the lounge I had previously shut down not too many hours before and handed dollar bills around the table and swapped stories with my playing partners I had to think to myself.

I didn’t play very well but I did have one hell of a good time in Miles City.


A great big thank you to my playing partners and social hosts in Miles City for a fantastic time. I’ll definitely be back sometime soon to win my money back.

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