About Montana’s Longest Drive

Montana’s Longest Drive started with a question: “How many golf courses are there in Montana?” and it took off from there.

Just to answer the question wasn’t enough, there are 104 courses by my count, but it presented another question: “Do you think anyone has ever played every course in Montana? Has anyone ever played them all in one summer?”

No. Not yet.

The aim of Montana’s Longest Drive is simple.

To play golf on every small town muni and upscale resort in the Treasure State in one

To play golf with someone (preferably a local or a member) at every stop and tell their story.

To keep track of how many golf balls I lose, birdies I make, miles I drive, and miles I walk.

And lastly, to find a good beer, a good burger, and great company everywhere I stop.

Writing all about it along the way.