“A Fun Friday Evening” at Whitetail Golf Course

On a beautiful Friday evening I headed out for a quick-nine holes at Whitetail Golf Course and ended up spending the evening playing the course with a group of newfound friends.

They were waiting in the clubhouse for the rest of their group to arrive, so they could play a couples best-ball but ended up being a player short, so I offered to play along with them and we headed out to the 1st tee at Whitetail Golf Course.

The aptly named Whitetail Golf Course sits in a beautiful river bottom near the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge where whitetail deer bound out of the underbrush and seem to be around every corner of the golf course.

The 1st hole at Whitetail Golf Course is a 315-yard par 4 that begins near the clubhouse and goes toward the middle of the property. Trees line the fairway on both sides midway through the hole before a small back-to-front sloping green finishes the hole. A bunker sits behind the green to collect any shots that run too far through the putting surface.

A unique aspect of the Whitetail Golf Course is that it has back-to-back par 3s and back-to-back par 5s on the scorecard. The 4th hole is a 166-yard hole with another small crowned green while the 5th hole is a 145-yard par 3 with a bunker on the right side.

After the dogleg left 344-yard par 4 6th hole, the 7th and 8th holes at Whitetail are back-to-back par 5s. The 7th is a 502-yard hole that tees off from across a small bridge and past a pair of large trees in the center of the fairway while the 8th heads back toward the other direction 453-yards. A large bunker right of the fairway and trees left confine this small fairway before twin bunkers protect the front of this elevated green.

Finishing our couples best ball and having more fun than I ever expected when I planned on a quick nine in Stevensville, I drove out the gravel driveway and past a field full of whitetail deer. Getting to join in with these fantastic couples was an absolute blast. We drank beers and laughed the whole round on a perfect Friday evening.

Thanks to the staff at Stevensville’s Whitetail Golf Course for a fantastic evening and for so many laughs


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