“The Lone Twosome” at Harvest Hills

I pulled into the parking lot in Harvest Hills just around 7:30 in the morning. The parking lot was empty as I hit a few practice putts on the dew covered putting green waiting for my playing partner to show up.

Jon Schenk is just one of those guys who can always make you laugh. The Fairfield native and I remarked about how much better the weather was when we were supposed to get together and play yesterday.

“I wasn’t going to play in the snow, no matter how much you begged me.” Jon laughed.

I was supposed to play golf with Jon on Friday evening, but the golf gods were against that seeing that it snowed three inches at Harvest Hills.

Today was a different story however, as the meadowlarks were chirping as we made our way down the fairways of Harvest Hills. Well, we made our ways down the rough too.

We could have hit it anywhere this morning, because we were the only souls on the golf course. The pro shop wasn’t open, but the grass was green, and the sun was up. I’m sure there were some envious people driving by on the highway watching to guys with a whole golf course to themselves.

We laughed as we struggled with our early season swings and some extra long rough just off the fairways. Jon and I even laughed as we approached a few greens that had their flags laying on the greens instead of stuck in the cup.

“Where’s the hole at?” Jon asked. “Actually, it doesn’t matter with how we’re hitting it today. I’m just going for the green.”

When you can laugh and hack your way around a whole golf course as the only two people on it, you can deal with a flag being nowhere near the hole.


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