“Aiming at the Front” Choteau Country Club

The Choteau Country Club sits high atop the bluff overlooking the county seat of Teton County with a magnificent view of the Rocky Mountain Front in the backdrop.

It isn’t very often you can play in Choteau without the wind blowing a million miles an hour. We just happened to luck out and play the CCC with just a slight breeze blowing.

My friend Reid Flemming joined me in Choteau for a quick trip around the hilltop track but before we went we met and shot the breeze with the course superintendent. He remarked at the work that goes into maintaining a course like Choteau’s in the climate that we are in.

“It isn’t easy, but it’s a labor of love.” he said.

You could really tell that as you played the nine-hole course in Choteau. The greens on the course were as healthy as I’ve ever seen and putted extremely well.

The whole time Reid and I made our way around the Choteau Country Club we talked about everything from the good old days of the 8C Basketball Conference, where so-and-so was nowadays, and about refereeing basketball.

Reid spends his winters and a good deal of his time refereeing basketball around Montana. It’s his way of staying engaged in the game he loves. Sure, people in the crowd might belly-ache about calls here and there but it’s his favorite pastime and one of mine too.

It’s funny how when you get basketball officials together they talk about the game no matter the time of year. So, as we read putts and lugged our clubs around the course it was nice to talk about something different for a change and take the focus off of that little white ball.

Because as it turns out, your brain can get in the way of a good golf shot more than a wall of willow trees.

Sometimes, you’ve got to just throw some beers in the golf bag, take a little stroll and shoot the breeze when you’re on top of world at the Choteau Country Club.


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